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Patreon Sex Games Brings Independent Projects To The Players

The mainstream porn industry is slowly moving into the independent production zone, with porn stars and amateurs uploading their homemade content on platforms like OnlyFans. And the decentralization of porn is not happening just in the photo and video niche. It’s also happening in the zone of adult games. There are more and more developers putting out quality projects that they fund with the help of their fans and players. And besides funding, the fans also have a say in how the final project will look. Sometimes, they even vote on the next project's kink themes and the characters' design.

Patreon Sex Games is the site that gathers all these awesome independent crowd-funded projects on the same platform where you can play them directly in your browser. You will find so many fetish titles in our collection. And what’s best about them is that the developers are also into the fetishes they approach in their projects. So, if you are looking for quality content that gets the kink it explores, it’s this collection you need. We bring as much variety as possible on a site where you’ll find games for all genders and sexual orientations, including furries.

Patreon Sex Games Has Lots Of Parodies

When it comes to parody porn, not all the big companies are willing to risk a copyright lawsuit with big companies like Disney, Activision, or Pixar that own the rights over some of the most wanted cartoon and video game characters. However, the independent developers from who knows what country with crowdfunded projects of $1000 are impossible to sue. On top of that, the bad publicity on such a case will bring even more attention to the fetishization of a certain character.

Probably the character who started this whole trend was Tracer from Overwatch. In the first year after the game was launched, naughty players couldn’t even find naughty animations of her, let alone games. That’s when the trend of Patreon porn games became a thing. Suddenly, there were several projects in the going, and fans of Overwatch flocked to put their money to good use and help their fantasies turn into interactive porn experiences. A frenzy of crowdfunded parody projects began, and you can find all the best ones on our site. My Little Pony is probably the most parodied topic in this niche. The bronies love their little ponies so much that they would pay a lot of money to fuck them in the virtual world. There are even games featuring shemale, gay, and BDSM remakes of the MLP universe, in which you can either play as a pony character or a human avatar enjoying their little horse pussies.

Patreon Sex Games Has The Dark Kinks Too

The porn industry might be pretty free, but there are still kinks the big companies will never cover. Such is the hentai loli zone, which has less content from Japanese or western companies. The independent producers are taking over the market in this case as well. They also accept funding from horny weebs on all kinds of loli incest fantasies, monster adventures, or harem-building RPGs. And then there are all the rape fantasy games, which surprisingly have a lot of support from female porn fans who want to indulge in this fantasy in the safest way possible with the help of the virtual world.

All The Patreon Sex Games Are Free

The independently produced games are most of the time available for free. We have bought the rights to offer these games for free straight from their creators. If you like a game and want to show your support for future projects from the same developers, you will find the needed info for becoming a Patreon under each game in the description section. Don’t forget to rate your favorite titles and also comment on them. We offer many community features because this site promotes community-funded porn for everyone to enjoy. You can enjoy all the content and even interact with other players on our site without registration. We don’t need your name, IP address, or money. We want to drive many people to the Patreon Sex Games creators they love.

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